Why go anywhere but to FunMatrix.com for streaming entertainment media

Many people like watching movies and TV shows when they’re on road trips. They also like reading books or listening to music while they’re commuting (on the train or bus). The majority of kids and adults like to relax with a video game or two. And, many people who aren’t very tech-savvy want an easy way to get software that will make their computers work faster and better. Until now, you would have to go to 4 or 5 different websites in order to do these things. Well, not anymore. You have all of it in one place, on one website at FunMatrix.


Before FunMatrix.com, if you were in the mood for a movie, you’d have to go to Netflix or Hulu. Streaming music meant dealing with ads on Pandora or installing Spotify. If you wanted to play a video game, you had to buy each game individually, and what if you didn’t like the game once you started playing it? That’s a waste of money. Reading your favorite book meant getting your Kindle or Nook out, which isn’t a terrible thing, but each book has a price. And software! Full versions could cost a pretty penny, along with having to install some other software to go with it, which slows down your computer.


I really like the convenience of having everything in one place. I don’t want to go hunting for a movie or TV show to watch, then go to another site to listen to music. I wanted to find a site where I could have it all in one place and I’ve found it. It’s FunMatrix.com. This site has it all. I played Asteroids when I was a kid and I found it on this website. I’m a classic movie buff, and when I found “Charade” with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, I was thrilled. I’m always in the mood for good music so I listened to some Frank Sinatra, then a little John Coltrane, then Ella Fitzgerald. By then, I was hyped up and wanted to relax with a good book, so I chose a steamy romance by Johanna Lindsey. I couldn’t finish it in one sitting, so it’s right there, on the website, waiting for me to return. As for the software, I like chatting with my friends and family online once in a while, so I downloaded Skype, right from the FunMatrix website. It’s pretty fantastic if you ask me.


The monthly fee is very affordable especially when you consider all that you’re getting. Also, you can use any device you choose and a single device is all you need. Even the software and apps that you can access work on Mac and PCs. Plus there is no additional software to look for, pay for or to install. You just sign up for a membership at the safe website and start enjoying your favorites.


Take my advice, visit www.funmatrix.com and see for yourself. The only requirement is that you must be 18 years old and you have to agree to the terms and conditions, pretty much like any other membership website. Their customer service is great. When I first logged on, I was having trouble navigating the site, so I clicked on the chat button on the website and they walked me through the process of getting where I wanted to go. They were really nice and helpful. I would definitely ask for their help again when I need it. They have a toll free number, too, if you need to talk to someone live. And they’re available to help you 24/7

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