Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Be For PS4, Xbox One And PC Only




The eminent video game developing company EA Sports is launching various new, interesting games. However, a recent announcement from the group has been that these games will only be launched for platforms of Xbox One, PS4 and Personal Computers. The new games include Mirror’s Edge 2, the new version of Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront. EA executive Patrick Soderlund mentions that Mirror’s Edge 2 has undergone numerous phases and development procedures. The tentative date for the release has been set in spring 2016.

Roots of the game

The official announcement of this fantastic action-adventure game dates back to June, 2013 during EA Sports E3 conference. The conceptualization of this game is said to be fundamentally on the positive side. The project was initially being developed by the game developer company DICE but due to certain reasons, the group had to step down. Nevertheless, it was the creative vision and endeavor of senior executive Sara Jansson that has made the game project a reality. The eminent ViljarSommerbakk is the implementation of the latest engine of Frostbite 3 which is indeed an ideal facilitation.

Certain imperative facets

Patrick Soderlund further elaborated at the E3 conference that Mirror’s Edge 2 will differ vastly from the first game. The original version of the game received few criticisms regarding the combat mechanisms. However, you can be certain that the revamped version that is Mirror’s Edge 2 is devoid of technical glitches. You can be sure that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be less of a shooter game and more of an open world adventure game. EA executives have specified that this game will be fundamentally a reboot of Mirror’s Edge and will take the story forward from where it left off in the previous version.  A crucial aspect worth considering is that the game comprises of significant undertones of Parkour elements.

The game premise

Mirror’s Edge 2 can be considered as either a sequel or a prequel to the first game. During the June 2014 E3 conference, a brief clip was shown regarding the prototype of this game. You can be certain that the new version will comprise of incredible, augmented features that will enhance your gameplay. The prime agenda of developers is to ensure that the combat techniques and movement mechanisms of the character are top-notch in the game. The storyline of this game is quite commendable as it will chiefly focus on the protagonist Faith. The Runners along with Faith will have a veritable gameplay in Mirror’s Edge 2. The storyline will also deal with various facets of Faith’s past.

Other essential features

You will be delighted to know that this game will essentially have a basis of first person platform. The major focus will be fundamentally on free running aspects of the character along with elements of Parkour. The game has been implemented with features like broader mobility for Faith along with wall running, leaping off ledges. With these technicalities, the protagonist will be able to defeat enemies, quite easily. The decision to launch the game on Play Station 4, Xbox One, and personal computers is, in reality, a positive choice.

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