Modern Trends And Uses Of Screensavers And Wallpapers


Both screensavers and wallpapers, whether for a PC or smart phone, are mainly used to decorate your device and enable you to make your personal computer or phone look unique and different from others. A screensaver is a computer program that makes the screen blank or fills it with different moving patterns or images when the computer is not being used. In the beginning, a screensaver was designed to check phosphor burn-in on plasma computer monitors or Cathode Ray Tube. This is the reason behind its name. Now, screensavers are mainly used for security, entertainment or to display information about the system.

Original use of screensavers

Before the initiation of LCD or Liquid Crystal Display screens, most of the computer screens were driven by cathode ray tubes (CRTs). Such screens have a phosphor coating on their insides.  If the same image is displayed on the CRT screen for a long period of time, the properties of open areas of the same phosphor coating eventually and permanently change. This leads to a darkened shadow image on the screen and is referred to as a ‘screen burn-in’. All devices which use CRTs are vulnerable to this screen burn-in. Programs were then designed to avoid these effects. Such programs automatically changed the images on the screen when the computer is not in use.

Modern utility of screensavers

In the modern age, when CRT screens have gone out of fashion, the original use of screensavers has lost its meaning. Rather, they are mainly used as a decorative background or for other purposes. Screensavers are also used as password protection. One can configure the settings in such a way that once the screensaver is activated, nobody can access the computer. Screensavers are also used to scan the hard drives for any viruses. There are certain screensavers that offer the news headlines and are educational. They are entertaining too as they can enhance the decorations and festivities during holidays. Sometimes, a purely black screensaver may be your best option to save power.

Facts about wallpapers

Wallpaper is a digital image that finds its use as an ornamental background of a Graphical User Interface of a computer screen, a mobile phone or any other electronic device. It basically serves as a background for the ‘idle’ or ‘home’ screen. Wallpapers have been named as desktop background by many companies while they are also called desktop picture by some. Today, wallpapers find a variety of uses in desktops, laptops, smart phones, and PDAs. Certain wallpaper tools help you to configure the background wallpaper so that it shows a combination of images. These tools will help you to resize the image, crop and tile it according to your specifications.

Contemporary utilities of wallpaper

The internet is filled with websites those offer apps to enhance the performance of your desktop or phone backgrounds. These apps are designed to make your wallpaper very useful. Such apps, those are available for both computer and smart phones, can put up your to-do list or widgets on your wallpaper.  Many such modern wallpapers are available those can upgrade your chatting experience. These wallpapers get regularly updated without your having to activate your chat apps.

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