Iceboxfun has transformed my travel experience. I travel a lot for work and while that sounds like I would be all set with in-flight movies and games, the truth is the airlines only change what they offer once a month. Someone next to me was watching a movie that looked good and when they were done we talked and they told me about Iceboxfun. On my next layover I was able to take a closer look for myself and signed up.

First of all, the fact I could sign up while sitting in an airport is a huge thing. The process was simple and all I had to do was click on the link in the confirmation email to get going. By my next flight I was watching “National Lampoon’s Going the Distance.” When it was over, I was able to look around more of the site and found out there is a lot more than just movies going on here.

They had Books, Games, music and even software bundles. The whole thing is set up like an app no matter what device you are viewing it on so everything is exactly where it should be whenever you change devices. The choices aren’t the top ten, but they are solid media options. Best of all, there were a lot of choices to be had. The range of games was really the best I have seen in that they had long playing games, and the short while-a-ways that can make travel go much better.

Entertainment Portal Review

As a constant traveler, I also liked that the whole Iceboxfun setup is light on resource demands. Everything is accessed through their website. Content is streamed or downloaded right to your device but you don’t have to install anything to run the site itself. This makes a huge difference in battery life. I recommend this site 100% for on the road, and home use.

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