I like watching movies, and my fiance Enjoys Playing Games, so we got a HugeGame.net account together and we get all sorts of stuff for our PC’s and for streaming. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and it’s a piece of cake to get through the sign up process. Once your free trial is over, the monthly membership is more than affordable. What we both really liked is the confidence HugeGame.net has in its site. A lot will tempt you with a free trial but not show you anything, HugeGame.net’s free trial is full access.

Another great thing is that they always try to update all the stuff that they’ve got going on. I’m always checking out the “new releases” section of the movies. At the time that I’m writing this review, I’m watching a documentary on Bob Marley. Pretty cool, since he’s always been one of my favorite artists. They have all sorts of new stuff coming out all of the time, so I never feel like I’m without a great new movie to check out.

Entertainment Portal

HugeGame.net also has a super convenient way to keep your stuff organized. When you  find something that you like you can watch it or save it to your shelf. When you get a lot  of things on your shelf you can filter it so you only see the content you are in the mood  for too.

And, there’s something for all of us. Even though I’m more into documentaries, my  fiance is in love with horror, and has watched a number of the selections that  HugeGame.net has to offer. So, if you’re looking for something fun to enjoy and/or do,  and you want to save big bucks on it, you can sign up for HugeGame.net for free and get  started with all the entertainment!

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